Robert Altig is a retired Video Tele-Education Coordinator living in Bend, Oregon. He was introduced to woodturning in 2003 by his brothers in their homeworkshops while on vacation. He long loved the beauty of exotic woods and so purchased his first lathe shortly after his return home. Since that time he has sought new opportunities to create artistic woodturnings of all kinds.

Mr. Altig also served as a police officer in California for a little over 27 years. He retired as the Assistant Chief of Police and Training Officer for the Campus Police Department at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He was credentialed to teach Criminal Justice at the Junior College Level in California and was a certified Police Firearms Instructor. He specialized in teaching Constitutional Rights law in the Police Academy.

An accomplished musician with a BA in Music from Cal State Univ. Long Beach, Mr. Altig has always loved ink pens, especially those used

to write musical manuscripts. As soon as he learned he could create writing pens of all types out of wood, and because of his long held appreciation of the beauty of wood grains, he began to create wooden pens. From there it was an easy step to branch out into other turning mediums like acrylics and polyresin castings of snakeskins, seashells, coffee beans, etc.

In 2007, he turned over 100 wooden ballpoint pens which were donated to the Freedom Pen Project. The project sends approximately 16,000 to 20,000 handmade pens to our military members in Afghanistan and Iraq during the Christmas season. The pens are distributed to US military personnel by Chaplains also serving in the area.

Mr. Altig is member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Glendale Woodturners Guild, and the International Association of Penturners (IAP). He has written several tutorials about penmaking and finishing techniques which have been published by the IAP.