writing instruments

Possibly my favorite things to make on a wood lathe are writing pens. For those who really appreciate the fine art of good penmanship, a finely crafted, well balanced, writing pen is truly one of the supreme joys of life. And owning one that is also beautiful adds so much enjoyment to the writing experience. All of these pens are created with the ease of use kept constantly in mind. Weight, balance, and size are closely monitored and I absolutely will not sell any writing instrument that I wouldn't be proud to own or want to use myself.

Please browse the pages and select the pen you like.  If you see a style of pen you like, but it isn't made in the material you like best, please email me and we can discuss making a custom pen for you.  Most any of the pens on these pages can be personalized by having a name or signature laser engraved into the material.  Engravings can also be color filled. Please contact me via email if you would like engraving service included with your purchase.

International Association of Penturners